Chantal M. Roberts, CPCU, AIC, RPA


Chantal M. Roberts is dedicated to providing trustworthy, valuable assistance in order to give her clients a clear understanding of claims standards and practices. As an expert witness, she strives to turn this complex topic into an easy to understand concept.

Known for her honest and direct approach, Ms. Roberts works hard to meet each of her client’s individual needs and help them make sense of the confusing intricacies of insurance claims.


After twenty years of experience, Ms. Roberts has gained a thorough understanding of
insurance claims. She has been involved in a wide range of specialties that include:

  • Bad Faith

  • Bicycle Claims

  • Business Interruption Claims

  • Cannabis Claims

  • Cargo Claims (Inland Marine)

  • Commercial and Homeowners Insurance

  • Dog Bites

  • Insurance Claims Customs & Practices

  • Liability Claims

  • Lloyd's of London

  • Property & Casualty Insurance

  • Training Claims Staff

  • Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

Ms. Roberts’ impressive accomplishments include holding leadership positions in well-known
insurance companies, such as Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and MetLife Insurance

Ms. Roberts is a reliable consultant for both attorneys and laypeople. Her extensive experience
has shaped her into an expert witness who supports attorneys and jurors by explaining the ins
and outs of insurance claims. She shares her comprehensive knowledge to help them better
understand specific features of insurance claims.

Her background also includes educating claims departments and overseeing adjuster training,
making her fully capable of instructing and preparing adjusters in training. She was the featured
speaker at Eastern Carolina University’s Risk Management and Insurance’s Insurance Claims
Careers Week in which she spoke to both upper and lower classmen about why they should
consider becoming an adjuster as a career choice.

Due to her excellent reputation in the industry, Ms. Roberts was granted the privilege of
speaking at the Western Zone Committee Meeting of the NCIA, where she covered her
cannabis article in CPCU’s Insight magazine. She also spoke at the Insurance Business of
America (IBA) Cannabis Masterclass in Denver in 2019, and she will be a panel moderator for
the IBA’s cannabis claims talk in 2020.

There is a high demand for her speaking services, which she uses to present valuable
information on the best handling practices regarding claims.


Ms. Roberts knows that claims aren’t easy which is why she strives for honest, clear
communication with her clients. She keeps her clients updated and continues to follow up with
them until a case has been closed.

She has the ability to highlight the strengths of a case, and because she has her clients’ best
interest at heart, she will call it like she sees it. She knows you want not only the strengths of the case,

but also the weaknesses. Ms. Roberts is also incredibly gifted in quickly detecting violations of
claims standards and practices and determining how those violations impact a case.
She strongly believes in the necessity to seek assistance from an expert before filing a
complaint. This gives experts like Ms. Roberts the best chance to make a positive difference in
the client’s situation.

When you work with Ms. Roberts, you can trust her to get the job done right. This level of trust
is earned and essential.

It’s not always the witnesses who spend the most time in court who deserve your trust.
Instead, it’s those who have a proven ability to produce great results. When looking at Ms.
Roberts and her history of assisting clients, it becomes clear that she can be trusted to help you.
If you would like to benefit from the expertise that she shares in her consulting, speaking, or
training services, contact her today.

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