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I am often asked that question by both attorneys and lay people. 

About My Services


I review insurance claims to ensure they have been correctly handled by an adjuster and insurer.  Like any other profession, there are certain standards and procedures for handling claims.  Almost all states have good faith claims handling regulations or statutes for carriers and adjusters to follow.  Breaches of these standards and practices may lead to violations of the insurance codes and a bad faith lawsuit.  

If I spot any violations, I can inform the retaining attorney about those violations. I offer this service to both insurer and policyholder attorneys.

I am honest, which enables me to provide reliable advice and guidance that my clients can trust.  I want them to have the best possible outcome, which is why I address both the strengths and weaknesses of a case.


My service frees both policyholder and insurers' attorneys from spending an exorbitant amount of time, money, and effort trying to figure it all out for themselves.  Insurance claims can be quite complicated and difficult to decipher, but I tell clients what they need to know in a timely matter.


My goal is to support clients so that they don’t have to journey through the case on their own.  That is why I maintain close contact with my clients until the case is closed. 

If the case goes to trial, I carefully explain how insurance claims work so that lay people have a clear understanding of them.  This helpful insight allows the jury to navigate the case with greater ease and success.   


In addition to the service just described, I also train insurance adjusters.  My training gives them key knowledge of good faith claims handling, making them better equipped to carry out their work. 


I am also available to speak on claims best handling practices at events.  My speaking services, through The Art of Adjusting ®, allows me to share valuable information with the event’s attendees, which increases their comprehension of this important topic.

Why You Can Trust Me


My years of training and experience as an expert witness have equipped me to offer my services to policyholder and defense attorneys.  My qualifications are listed below:    


  • I hold the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation, which requires a high level of proficiency in underwriting, insurance products, and claim-handling for property-casualty insurance. This designation can only be attained after completing a rigorous testing process.


  • I obtained an Associates in Claims from the Insurance Institute of America for Property Casualty Claims.


  • I am a Registered Professional Adjuster.


  • I have served as an expert witness and/or consultant on insurance claim practices and standards in both state and federal courts. I have not been disqualified by the court.


  • I continue to satisfy all the requirements of the Continuing Professional Development program.  This keeps my skills and knowledge up to date so that I can best serve my highly-valued clients.


If you are ready to work with me, I would like to have a chat with you.  Please give me a call so that we can discuss your next steps.  I look forward to supporting you.

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Chantal M. Roberts, CPCU, AIC, RPA

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